Thursday, 22 September 2011

Forever 21 Love & Beauty

         When I saw that Forever 21 sold nail polish, I decided that I would try it out. I wasn’t expecting much from the polish, considering that it is $3.80 and from a clothing store, but I decided to check it out anyway!  I got the polish in a very pretty blue, appropriately named Baby Blue.

 One Coat

 Two Coats
 Three Coats

         It could have used maybe one more coat, but I wanted to go to bed and didn’t feel like waiting for it to dry! The formula of the polish is better than expected, it’s pretty creamy. The brush is wide enough and doesn’t shed (like so many other cheap polish’ brushes do!).  All in all, I was quite impressed with the quality of it.
As for how chip resistant it was….

 Day one of full day wear
Day two (my polish OCD kicked in and I peeled the rest off because they all had huge chips out of them….)

         I need to get a better top coat. I’m currently using just a clear coat that I found in the bathroom after I lost my good top coat. I alternated between nails for top coat so that I could ~experiment~. I noticed that the polish with my crappy top coat on them peeled easier than the ones without! Hmm…
         Some people say that the F21 polishes are a rip-off of L.A Colors (*echem* colours) in a different bottle. What do you think? Do you own and Love & Beauty polishes?

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  1. I have Love and Beauty polishes, and one of them is one of my all time favorite colors! I dont know why some people think they're a rip-off.
    This polish is so pretty! Too bad it chips fast.:(