Friday, 30 September 2011

Strawberries! ^.^

Hey lovelies! How have you all been? I'm still ill, but not nearly as gross as before! :)
This is my latest venture in nail art. I used LA Colors in Cranberry Red, LA Colors Art Deco in Yellow, and Pure Ice in Wild Thing as the main colours in this tutorial. So, let's get started!

Step 1: Apply a base coat, and two coats of your base colour (LA Colors CR.) 
 Step 2: Apply white (I used a Sally Hansen french tip polish.) polish in the shape of leaves. The white makes the green of the leaves require fewer coats. You can make the angles more intense if you wish, but I like them curved for a kind of cartoon shape.
 Step 3: Add your pipits! (LA Colors Art Deco in Yellow)
 Step 4: Apply the green of your leaves. My suggestion is to use thin coats and build up the colour so that your leaves don't become goopy and gross. (No one wants a goopy strawberry)
 Step 5: Add glitter, because you can! (Sinful Colours Opal Glitter)
 (Blurry so that the glitter is visible :3 )